What’s your trauma?

There is a place I often hear about when I ask my clients “How do you feel?” The response is “I don’t know”. Some things happen and words are to hard too explain. Its only something you can feel, because feelings are often too difficult to describe. The aftermath of the experience equals zero energy inside of you, but the feelings seems like it is 100% of who you are. No outcome, no meaning, just numb.
Some experiences shatter the belief systems that give meaning to your relationships. Especially the traumatic ones. Basic human relationships are then called into question. It goes from meaning to confusion, instantaneously. Your faith is violated, naturally or divine and you are left in crisis. Traumatic experiences breech attachments and the link between us and the world. Traumatic events destroy the victims assumptions about safety in the world, people and the value of self. Even though this is an unknown place. God would not have you to experience such things without the possibility of recovery. Recovery from past, present, and future trauma. Ask how to start your recovery today.


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