What’s your trauma?

There is a place I often hear about when I ask my clients “How do you feel?” The response is “I don’t know”. Some things happen and words are to hard too explain. Its only something you can feel, because feelings are often too difficult to describe. The aftermath of the experience equals zero energy inside of you, but the feelings seems like it is 100% of who you are. No outcome, no meaning, just numb.
Some experiences shatter the belief systems that give meaning to your relationships. Especially the traumatic ones. Basic human relationships are then called into question. It goes from meaning to confusion, instantaneously. Your faith is violated, naturally or divine and you are left in crisis. Traumatic experiences breech attachments and the link between us and the world. Traumatic events destroy the victims assumptions about safety in the world, people and the value of self. Even though this is an unknown place. God would not have you to experience such things without the possibility of recovery. Recovery from past, present, and future trauma. Ask how to start your recovery today.


Beauty in Helplessness

Be willing to feel helpless and disturbed,it results in a self- disciplined and passionate life rather than in a controlling life that fears what may surprisingly arise. (Allender, 2006).

I love this quote it touched me.It is usually difficult to describe helplessness as being such a healthy and acceptable thing. It is a very beautiful characteristic of being a leader. And as a counselor being able to help your client to understand that helplessness is not always bad is very progressive for the therapeutic process.

Do not allow complex situations to make you become emotional, irrational, or self seeking. My desire is to get to a place where I can communicate with God and have peace that he can help me to handle situations as such through him. And the healthy response to helplessness would be openness and courage to embrace the complexity and have faith that God is still in control. Complexity in life is inevitable, and experienced even more often being a leader.


Searching for a place to rest. A place your heart can be relieved of life that often consumes us. It would feel good to just escape stuff, life’s problems, other people’s problems, my problems. This year has been full of experiences that have struck my heart in significant ways. Emotional highs, emotional lows, emotional stand stills. During these emotional instabilities we want relief so desperately that we try to solve them ourselves by applying our own solutions. You know… Our own remedies, things that give us temporary relief. At times my heart becomes so overwhelmed where I can’t hear your voice that often speaks to me in times of trouble. My soul then becomes so hungry for you because I know that you are the only one who understands. The one who can satisfy my desire to rest when my spirit is broken and weary. I often think back when I called and you came so quickly… but this time it wasn’t as quickly as I hoped for. There was minutes,  which turned to hours, which turned to days. So I looked for you desperately because I could taste the relief close by..  I can’t feel your presence yet, but I just know eventually you’ll come. I wait patiently for you to comfort me or make me understand what has happened. OR just for you to find me. I know you are near…..As I patiently wait I remind myself of what you have done thus far. This gave me light and relief in the midst of this dark place. I’m desperate and humble while waiting patiently at your feet for you to touch my shoulder. I have no clue what I am doing, but seeking you daily has been my only resolve and refuge. I remind myself daily of your promises when you said you would order my steps and you would never leave me as I go through my trials.  I trust you because you have always been faithful and have never left me. In your presence I always find my strength and peace. So I’ll just wait for you. No matter how long it takes I’ll just wait for you. Not because I am so strong but because I have no other choice.

Waiting, Ladybria

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